"That party was so unbelievable"...It's what everybody wants to hear about the events they throw. And let's face it, there aren't that many parties we can say that about. But with my help, your event will be one that your guests will remember. Anyone can "plan" an event - even you can. But what sets my events apart from the rest is that I give every event a soul that truly reflects the personality and taste of the host. I find that putting the unique essence of the host into the details always leads to an unforgettable occasion for everybody.


I use my instinct, experience, and a little thing I call "Soul Searcher" to understand what you want your guests to say when they leave your event. This insight allows me, and my team, to create an experience that transcends the tangible and allows the memory of your event to go on long after that last glass of wine.  


Kristen Ashley Events Services

In order to understand the soul of the event you want to create, I begin with three questions...

- What do you want your guests to say when they leave?

- How do you want your guests to feel while they are there?

- What do you want this event to say about you?

With the information, I take care of everything else...

- Where it's going to be

- How it's going to look

- The food and drink

- The invites

- The entertainment

- I'll even do the contract reviews

All I ask of you is that you give me honest feedback on what I propose, show up and enjoy!